Start Date: 29/05/2021 @ 9.00 a.m.
End Date: 29/05/2021 @ 2.30 p.m.
Venue: Microsoft Teams
CPD Hours:
Member & Non-members Charge: RM5 per participant (RM20 per team)
Student Member Charge: FOC (Choose Offline payment option to waive the charge)
Max No. Attendees:
Invitation Type: Members and Non-members
Sign up link:
Sign Up Start Date: 12/04/2021
Sign Up End Date: 21/05/2021
Write-Up File Download: Not available
Video Clip: Virtual Treasure Hunt
Description: Join us on the first Virtual Treasure Hunt! Cash vouchers up to RM500 up for grabs for the winning teams. Form a Team of Four now!

What is treasure hunt?

  • Virtual Team Hunt is a virtual event that combines Treasure Hunt experience with Team Building Task and Activities. This group activity also makes teams compete to reach mystery locations, complete team task and/or solve riddles on clues given via Google Forms.
  • This is also a Time Management activity where the teams must work together to complete all the challenges from Virtual Trivia to Virtual Team Hunt within the allocated time.

I have never joined any treasure hunt event before. What are we supposed to do? What gadgets can be used? Do we have to be physically at the same location?

  • The participants can use any Laptops , Tablets, Personal Computers and even Hand phones to be engaged in this event from wherever they are.
  • There will be multiple trails taking the teams Virtually Travel Around The World to solve the clues and finding solutions.
  • Just 2 easy steps: (1) Go to a place mentioned in Google Map, and (2) Find the answers of the cryptic questions.
  • To make this event even more interactive and engaging, there will be various physical challenges like Team Photo Challenge, Video Performances, Treasure Search and many more.
  • We also have made this event highly flexible so teams can leave the main room and reconnect privately with their team to complete the tasks. This allows the teams to plan, strategize and work together innovatively to hunt for the answers.
  • There will be a briefing session a few days before the event day.

How to form a team?

  • If you have 4 people in your team, you can start registering. You can team up with other ASM members or Non-members from different companies. A team is required to have at least 2 ASM members.
  • If you don’t have enough people to form a team, just register your team with 1,2 or 3 members. We will combine you with another incomplete team as a chance for you to know other ASM members.

Virtual Treasure Hunt 2021

  • Virtual Treasure Hunt 2021

    Cash vouchers up for grabs for the winning teams. Form a Team of Four now!

    Nominate a Team Captain who will register on behalf of the whole team. Every team needs a Team Name, so be creative!

    Members who are unable to form a full team and individuals can also register. They will be randomly group together into a full team after registration closes.

    Check out a short clip on how the treasure hunt will be conducted with our event organizer:

    On the day of the hunt, each participant must be able to access Google Maps Street View and a video conferencing app to communicate with their teammates (e.g. Zoom, MS Teams, Whatsapp group video call, FB video chat).