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Synopsis: In the second quarter of 2021 the Actuarial Society of Malaysia (ASM) officially endorsed the establishment of a Banking Practice Committee (BPC) to expand the opportunity-set for its’ members. The purpose of the webinar is to raise general awareness of the BPC and to seek buy in from ASM members with respect to the initialisation of the BPC which extends to:

  • Identifying members to sit on the BPC & documenting a Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Committee
  • Working with International Actuarial Societies to adapt Banking Education materials to the local Malaysian banking sector
  • Providing Thought Leadership on Regulatory, Technological, Environmental, Societal and Governance thematic issues impacting the domestic Banking Sector; and
  • Collaborating with International Societies & Affiliated Universities to distil and leverage emerging Actuarial techniques & technologies.

The webinar will use a range of Real-World Case Studies to illustrate potential opportunities that await those Actuaries wishing to pursue a career in the Banking Sector.

The Speakers

Mr. Steven Claxton

Freelance Actuary

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Mr. Vasudevan Chandrashekran (a.k.a.Vasu)

Principal Risk Advisor, ASEAN (Insurance)

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  • Steven Claxton

    Freelance Actuary

    18 years of Financial Institution (banking & insurance) experience accumulated across the ASPAC region (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines) both in an ‘in-house’ and Consultant (KPMG Advisory) capacity. Qualified Actuary (AIAA) (Member of Banking Practice Committee – Actuaries Institute) and B.Sc (Applied & Computational Mathematics).

    Primary areas of practice & expertise:

    • Credit risk measurement & management: Stress Testing, AIRB (across Sovereign, FI, Corporate, and Retail), Specialised Lending, Securitisation, Economic Capital, IFRS 9, Scorecarding (application, behavioural & collection)
    • Operational risk measurement & management: data modelling, scenario analysis.
    • Balance sheet/behavioural modelling: deposit attrition modelling & prepayment/presettlement modelling
    • Portfolio stress testing & economic capital modelling
    • Internal Capital/Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP/ILAAP)

    An active user of SAS since approximately June 2001 (version 8.2) covering base & macro/IML/ETS/STAT/OR/EM and have applied the product across a variety of applications, to list a few:

    • Fair valuation of exotic derivatives (executive share options (ESO’s))
    • Default & pre-settlement contingency models (IFRS 9)
    • Quantification of economic capital (credit & operational risk)
    • Frequency & severity models for short-tailed insurance products (insurance risk)

    Sample clients: Westpac, DBS, Maybank, Kasikorn, Bank Mandiri, PNB, Asian Development Bank (ADB)

  • Vasudevan Chandrashekran (a.k.a Vasu)

    Principal Risk Advisor, ASEAN (Insurance)

    20 years in Financial Services, 15 Years in Banking practice & 5 years in Insurance practice.

    Vasu has been with SAS Malaysia for 6 years in Delivery, Customer Engagement & Pre-Sales. Prior to joining SAS, he has worked with many Malaysian Banks in implementing Turn-key projects for Underwriting, Portfolio Risk Management, Customer Analytics & Capital Market solutions

    Some of you might know Vasu through recent IFRS17 engagement visits in last couple of years