Steven Claxton

Steven Claxton

Freelance Actuary

18 years of Financial Institution (banking & insurance) experience accumulated across the ASPAC region (Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines) both in an ‘in-house’ and Consultant (KPMG Advisory) capacity. Qualified Actuary (AIAA) (Member of Banking Practice Committee – Actuaries Institute) and B.Sc (Applied & Computational Mathematics).

Primary areas of practice & expertise:

  • Credit risk measurement & management: Stress Testing, AIRB (across Sovereign, FI, Corporate, and Retail), Specialised Lending, Securitisation, Economic Capital, IFRS 9, Scorecarding (application, behavioural & collection)
  • Operational risk measurement & management: data modelling, scenario analysis.
  • Balance sheet/behavioural modelling: deposit attrition modelling & prepayment/presettlement modelling
  • Portfolio stress testing & economic capital modelling
  • Internal Capital/Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP/ILAAP)

An active user of SAS since approximately June 2001 (version 8.2) covering base & macro/IML/ETS/STAT/OR/EM and have applied the product across a variety of applications, to list a few:

  • Fair valuation of exotic derivatives (executive share options (ESO’s))
  • Default & pre-settlement contingency models (IFRS 9)
  • Quantification of economic capital (credit & operational risk)
  • Frequency & severity models for short-tailed insurance products (insurance risk)

Sample clients: Westpac, DBS, Maybank, Kasikorn, Bank Mandiri, PNB, Asian Development Bank (ADB)