The closing date for renewal is on 31 March 2021. If you do not renew your membership by 31 March 2021, your membership will be suspended, after which you may use the form below for reinstatement of membership. Note that reinstatement fees shall be applicable.

The annual membership fees for each class of membership are as follows:

Fellow: RM120
Associate: RM80
Ordinary: RM30
Student: RM10
New applicants / new Fellows will only be admitted as a member / Fellow upon submission of the online membership application form through the ASM website and with approval from the Council.

Late payment fees per member based on date of renewal submission:
Submit by 31 Dec: Nil
Submit in Jan: RM10
Submit in Feb-Mar: RM20
Not submitted by Mar: Membership suspended. Reinstatement fee is required to resume membership.
Reinstatement fee after membership is suspended is RM50 per member.

The total amount payable is the annual subscription fee plus any additional late payment/reinstatement fees. Payment is to be arranged at the time of renewal submission. If the submission is not approved, payment will be returned.

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